Friday, July 15, 2016

My Late Friend Sam

Sam holding our son Rocky, 1976

1976 -Sam visiting us when we lived in Smyrna.  He bought our house and died in it  about 37 years later.

Sam and his devoted wife Lita

One of my longest and most sincerest friends, Samuel Norman Carsley.
Sam and I knew each other since we were both toddlers in the Clay Homes.  He never met his father, he was killed aboard ship by a Japanese Kamikaze pilot.
My father was a father figure to him.

If Sam is guilty of anything, it is giving his thoughts too much thought.  He easily got depressed.

Sam graduated from Georgia Tech in physics engineering and got into computer programs and became a southeastern master in Cobalt - just before Cobalt stepped aside for new better more versatile  programs.

When his mother came down with Alzheimer's Disease Sam realized it was a disease from Hell.  Years later when he was getting the same symptoms as his mother he took his own life April 2, 2013.


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