Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7000th Blog Post of Chicken Fat

On this blog this is my 7000th Post.  You don't believe me?  There, the column on the right side of the page  which is the archives.  Count them if you wish.

 I created Chicken-fat 10.5 years ago.   That is roughly 3830 days ago.
Which averages 1.83 posts a day.
I mostly shared photos, some history, a lot of genealogy, and some comics. 
And a few whims tacked on.
All and all, it has been a heap of Bullshit.

Some people liked it for a while, figured out there is nothing to it and wandered off to keep up with a better blog and did not return.

Others have stuck around... I have no idea why.

Maybe it is my looks.



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