Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another Bluegrass Hee-Haw at Red Top Mountain

The Suggins Brothers performed.  When I videoed this it was too dark to get the performers, only the music. I thought they were good.  The park representative kidded the band's spokesman, "Where's the other brother?"  Must have been an inside joke.

Before things got started good I wandered around and took some pictures before it got dark.  This Georgia State Park has different wildlife demonstrations as well as early farming demonstrations.
Also, they did have a nice lodge and restaurant with a nice outdoorsie patio luring hummingbirds and deer until Gov. Perdue put a stop to it.
On Father's Day this year the closed restaurant caught fire and now they are cleaning that mess up.  
It looks like they just finished cleaning up the patio since our last visit.... it was a mess just a week or two ago. 


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