Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Giant Monster White Dog

Months ago a new young man took up residence across the street.  He drove a big Chevvy truck and brought another old antique looking truck that he put in the driveway.  He took the bed off the old truck and painted everything a stark shiny white.  Then, he apparently lost his enthusiasm and just left a truck bed and other parts here and there on the driveway and in the yard.
He also brought a big white Great Pyrenees dog. 
As we passed each other in our trucks I would give him a nod or a wave (manly wave of course) and he always looked right through me.
I don't think he had a job and not in the market for one.  He would come and go every day in no certain time frame.
POOF!  One day about two weeks ago he was no longer there.  He and his newer truck vamoosed.  The old antique truck and all its scattered parts are still there and so is the big great Pyrenees dog.  
When Willow and I go for a morning walk before daylight many mornings the big white beautiful dog, behind a chain-link fence, growls and barks like it would like to eat us alive.
Before the young man left, the dog sometimes sat out front with the man and the women that normally live in the house.  Every time when they saw us they would hold the dog so he would not go galloping at us chomping.
Last night at bedtime I carried Willow out the front door for a last nature call for the night and I saw the women sitting around talking and to the left was the big white Pyrenees dog looking straight at us.  I studied the space between them and the dog and decided if he quickly decided to leap and go after us the women would not be able to grab him before he grabbed us.
Quietly, we crept back into our front door and through the house out the back door for Willow's last call.
Today, while backing  out of the driveway and looking in my rear-view mirror I saw the big white dog sitting in the same place as last night, studying me.

Then I backed into the street and got a closer look:  It was not the dog at all.  it was a big white garbage bag full, that they were just too lazy to put in their garbage can.  The same white garbage bag, I bet, scared us in retreating last night.


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