Monday, July 11, 2016

Premature Bird Flight From the Nest

Between our carport and our deck we have two ferns hanging plants.
Earlier this year some birds made a nest, in one of the ferns,  had eggs, then apparently the eggs hatched, the babies took their flying lessons, then everybody flew off with a happy ending, as far as we were concerned, anyway.
Then some birds built a nest in the other hanging basket.  I water the ferns every day and usually a bird takes flight, probably teed off because of the interruption.
Yesterday morning I did my usual routine, watering the hanging baskets, when I watered the one with the birds in it I heard a painful and fearful squawking.
Then on the carport floor I saw a little bird flutter around.  It jumped.  It flapped its little wings and flew about a foot. Then it jump around like a yo-yo controlled by a novice yo-yo operator then fly another foot crying and repeat the process.
I did what any sensitive caring person would do:  I ran inside and got my camera thinking this would be a great Facebook shot.
But then, I had second thoughts and left my camera and went out in the yard to try to help it.
It was hopping and taking short flights in the front yard.  It have already worked itself halfway across the yard.  Its mother was swooping down trying to guide and protect it.
I thought I would pick up the little baby bird and put it back in the nest.
I caught up with it, reached down and with both hands cupped it up.  It instantlly jumped out of my hand.
The mother bird was sqawking at me like screaming, "Haven't you done enough?  Leave my child alone!"
I decided it would be best to the let the baby bird and bird parents handle this situation, even if I was the one to blame.
I went back in.
Anna went out to water her little plants on the carport table and I sat my sights on another project.
Anna hollered for me.  I ran outside and she told me the baby bird was on the floor, directly under the hanging fern with the nest in it.  I supposed its mother guided it back.
Again I swooped it up with cupped hands and itstarting chirping in a scared sound and tried to jump out of my hands again.  I  reach over the hanging plant and uncupped  my hands, "Bombs away!"

It was still crying as it fell into the greenery, but instantly stopped screaming when it landed in its nest.  


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