Friday, July 29, 2016

4 Letter F-Words Tossed Around

One of my liberal friends introduced me to the REDNECK LIBERAL's  rants and ravings on facebook.  I only watched three of his editorials but I got the idea that if the far right does something stupid he rants and raves with a lot of four letter words.  I enjoyed and agreed with the three Youtube editorials by him that I saw.
You need to know about the above to appreciate the continuation of this article.

My late mother-in-law's house is surrounded by tall trees.  Therefore, it doesn't take long for leaves and little limbs gather all over the roof.
About five or six years ago I got stuck on top of our house and realized I lost my ability to swing around and get back on the ladder.  I haven't been back on top of a house since.  A retired man we know that does that kind of thing, came over and clean off the roof.  He brought his 93 year old father, who is in amazingly good shape for his age.
While the son blew and raked off the debris I walked down by the street and around picking up trash people had thrown from their cars and chatted with the elderly father.
I do not know their religious or political feelings.
After he finished, lowered his blower and other tools he came down the ladder and we began carrying sticks, little limbs, to a large pile of brush.
Then, unprovoked, My iphone started talking.  I suppose what happened is sort of like "Butt-dialing".  I had the phone in my left front shorts' pocket so, instead of the butt-dialed it was a front-hip dialed.  The voice was loud.  It was the REDNECK LIBERAL ranting about Tennessee and the Bible as the State Official book.  Unlike un-redneck liberals who prefer to use $10 words as adjectives and nouns, he was using the F-word, spoken loud and clear when he needed a shocking the adjective or noun.  I desperately tried to turn it off, and the more I tried the louder it got.  It was as if it reached into the depth of my phone's memory and found what it was looking for, and holding it high above its little electronics' head showing off what it found.
The 93 year old father and the 65 year old son did not change expressions as I wrestled with the gadget. 
Finally I managed to shut the thing off.



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