Saturday, July 02, 2016

Drink the Kool Aid

I bought some chicken sandwiches for lunch yesterday  driving through.  The first stop were 4 young ladies with menus ready.  They all had radiant smiles.  One took my order and swiped my credit card and asked me what name I preferred on the order?
In the drive, where you make the turn to be lined up with the to-go window, was a table with a big umbrella.  At the table were two young neatly dressed men studying the screen on a computer.  One of the young men said they were only 18 customers away from their goal.
The other one showed doubt.  We would have to have 18 cars to drive through in the next 5 minutes."
The other one said, "That is our GOAL!"
In other words, "Think POSITIVE!"
One of the neat young men broke away from the table and said, "Mr. Hunter, they have your order ready."
I thanked them.  I should have shown them a thumbs up show them I can be positive too.
Up ahead of me another neatly dressed young man handed me my sack and told me the contents and added that he hoped that I have a "Great Weekend and a Happy 4th!"
The drive through utilized 7 employees instead of the usual one.  That is great for employment!

But it was like driving through a Mooney cult organization.


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