Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Wright Brothers (not the airplane an bicycle ones)

The Wright Brothers, c1890.  The Wright family members lived around Canton Road north of Kurtz Road and up the road to Woodstock, Georgia.  Not to be  the flying Wright Brothers.

A photographer probably came to town, set up a plain backdrop and took group photos for a fee.  These six brothers are the sons of Isaac and Loveuia Adeline St. John Wright:  They are Henry Gable, William "Bill", George  "Dave", James T. "Jim", Berry Jackson "Kid", and Simon Wright.

I don't know what order the names are in, in relation to the photograph, like left to right (like I'm used to) or what.

The only person I think I can identify is Henry Gable Wright, which is Anna's great grandfather on the far right, or is he next to the last?

These two other pictures are Henry Gable Wright with his wife Lula Kuykendall and Henry sitting with his legs crossed.



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