Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sabre Cooking at the RED-EYED MULE

Sabre, co-owner and proprietor of the Red-Eyed Mule Restaurant.  
The Red-Eyed Mule is in Marietta on the Church Street extension, between two other popular eateries, Brandi's World Famous Hotdogs and Come And Get It.

The Red-Eyed Mule has a progressive menu with breakfast and lunch items.  I never thought of a burger and fried egg sandwich until I tried it there.  Delicious!
Food Expert Alton Brown, a Marietta resident, said it is the best eatery in the area.

I notice in this picture Sabre has only one glove on, like the late Michael Jackson was known for.  I was wondering why when I remember so many of the Red-Eyed Mule menu items have eggs, one form or another, in them, maybe she can get into the action of cooking at the moment, if she sings, "BEAT IT!" 


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