Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rambling Saturday

This morning I went to a large hardware store to buy some down-spout items that I thought would be in their roofless section.  I told a young lady with an orange apron what I wanted.  She said smiling, "Let's get it!"

She reminded of the look of a villainess in a James Bond movie I watched last night (GOLDENEYE).

We walked inside.   I said, "oh-oh this is taking your away from your work area..."

She said, "No problem, it is hot out there!  I look for reasons to carry customers inside where it is air conditioned."

She showed me her pedometer on her watched.  She had already walked 2.6 miles this morning taking people inside to help them with their home improvement needs.

We talked about how walking is good for health.  During this talk she mentioned she will be 53 next week.

I truthfully said I thought she was under 30.  She glowed and thanked me.

I asked her if she had any children.  She said she has a son 29.  I said, I bet he is proud  of her.

She said, "He better be!  After all I did for him!"


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