Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weather and Bees

Killer Bees are no bees.

A friend said recently that she noticed the weather has sure been crazy lately.   She went on to say that Springs and falls are the ones doing  the craziest things in the past few years.

I have given  her statements deep thought, a whole lot of thought, at least ten minutes worth (I have a short attention span).  And I came up with  a theory of the reason we have had the crazier than usual springs and falls weather lately:

It is a fact there are less bees.  Scientists are still trying to figure out why.  Bees are essential to spread a lot of pollen, as much as we need to survive.  Sure, other insects and the weather spread pollen but not  as large quantity that bees do.  The experts say that we need the bees for our survival - their diminishing population could diminish or population - there just  will not be enough vegetables produced .

Maybe Mother Nature sensed this in her natural sense of keeping everything in harmony and stepped in to rearrange the progress.      Maybe arrange she arramgeed  the winds to cause havoc spreading seeds and pollen all over the place.  

But really, Mother Nature, covering my car with pollen - really? 

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