Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Joe and Forrest

In the little blogging community I belong to I have made several friends over the years.  It is sort of like the old expression that "water seeks it own level".  One of my blogger friends is Joe.  Joe and I have a common interests in EC comicbooks, Blues, Dylan, movies, and an obsessive   fan-ship of the New Orleans Street Band Tuba Skinny.  If you go to Joe's blog  TALLEYHO you probably won't have to go far to come across a youtube video clip of Tuba Skinny.

He happened to run into many famous or infamous people, musicians, poets, movie stars and whatever.

I one time called him a real Forrest Gump.

Well, I am begging to wonder if Forrest Gump was a composit of him.  With all the people he had crossed paths with on their climb to great-hood, one of the people was the inspiration for Forrest Gump.  I should have known.

Check out his blog that he explains this.  Click on the link below:


The above is a link to just one story, the story about the Forrest Link connection.  It also mentions me.  Joe grew up in Mobile, Alabama, but has first hand knowledge of everything between Mobile and the Texas border, maybe further.  He and his wife lived in New Orleans in the 1960s, they traveled Europe over Europe, and now live in Arlington, Virginia - he has seen a lot and shares what he has seen in his blog, which is good.  If you want to see his whole blog, article after article, click on the below:


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