Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10 Days Until the 27th, the Varner's Reunion

Paul Roper - Look at his shirt

On the right - is this Paul Roper's Shirt?

Or, is Parks Groover wearring Paul Roper's shirt?  Click on images if you need to see them better.

My friend and ex-high school mate Janice pointed out that it might be Parks Groover's shirt instead of Park's Groover's shirt that  Randy Randall is talking to.  

I went back and compared shirts and although Park's shirt appear to have a more overall green appearance than Paul's shirt I also considered that with the green foliage behind Parks may be reflected more green on his shirt and with Paul and the inside lights of the American Legion, there may have been a tungsten orange tint reflection.  

I studied all the scientific and physiological   possibilities and came up with the truth.  The truth is as simple as simple can be.  Here is what happened.  Paul and Parks only had one shirt between them.  As proof, I can say that Paul and Parks are not in the same picture together.   I think one of the hid in a stall in the men's restroom while it was the other's time to wear it.  That person wearing it would mix and mingle for a certain amount of time and then go to the men's bathroom, and give the shirt to the other and  then that person would sport the shirt for a while.  

For information about the Varner's Reunion click on the below link:


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