Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Day at the Hospital

I spent some time at the Windy Hill hospital yesterday.  My sister was undergoing surgery there.

Driving on the way down it looked like I was going to be early, again.  To utilize my time I pulled in an automatic carwash.  You drive in the building and a metal frame thing with all kinds of water spouts and soap guns squirt the car.  I was sitting there watching the giant machine do it job and when the big frame went by spraying the car I saw that on the shotgun side of the car, water was pouring in.  I thought the window was up, but apparently it wasn't up tight enough.  It got the seat and inside door wet.  I did the only thing I knew to do, roll down my windows  and used the blow dry drive method.

In the waiting room  at one point I was craving caffeine.   I went looking for a place on the campus that would sell coffee, such as a cafe' or something.  I found the cafe'.  I found the beverage section and they had big thermoses with coffee.  One for  regular and one for caffeine-free.  The regular was empty.  I asked the cashier  was there some other place for coffee, this one was out of regular.  She told me she would make me a new cup.  She got to work doing that and juggling the people getting  in line to have their food rung up and also carrying on a conversation with a friend about the vacation her friend just returned from.  Every place I got to stand it seemed I was in her way.  Finally I found a place in a corner to stand.  I was thought  one standing in a corner looked a little paranoia - but I at least I was out of the way.  When the coffee finished dribbling into the thermos I was the first to pour me a cup.  After all, I am the one inspired her to make it.  I beat someone else who was about to get a cup.
The cashier would not take money for it.  She said she put me though enough already and she was thanking me for being so patient.

The coffee tasted better than usual.... was that because it was free?

In the waiting room a mother and a 2.5 year old daughter were waiting on their husband/daddy  that was having a procedure.  The little girl was very cute and was just full of cute facial expressions and her reasoning  was even cuter.  The little girl, in her coloring book was drawing circles.  I couldn't free hand draw a circle as perfect as she was doing if my life depended on it... I couldn't outline a quarter or half dollar to be as rounded as she was drawing.... even if I used a compass she could beat me, and effortless at that.

Her mother drew a circle, sort of lopsided, like I could draw and put lines poking out of the circle.  It looked like an amoeba with wild hairs.  The little girl looked at her mother's art work and said her mother drew a rabbit.  I cracked up laughing. 
A nurse told the mother with the girl to go get the car and pick up her husband at the awning.  Her and the child left and in a few minutes they returned.  Mama was looking embarrassed.  She asked the nurse behind the counter would she please get her husband's car keys.

After my sister recovered we went back to recovery room to see her.  Walking down the room with beds with people recovering on each  side somebody said, "Hey Mister Post Office!"

It was a supervisor I knew from the post office.  He didn't remember my name.  I said, "Hello Bob!"
Bob and I was transferred to Marietta about the same time.  In Atlanta he worked in transportation.  Everyday he would come to our office and pick up reports and we chatted.  This went on for several years.
After we  both were Marietta Postal employees we saw each other on the workroom floor daily and politely spoke to each other.

After a couple of years of working in the same building you would think he might know me.  Then, one day at Target he and I both were standing at the watch display case studying the watches.  Finally he looked up at me, and said, "Pardon me, do you work for the post office, it seems I have seen you someplace before."
"Bob"  We have seen each other for just about every day for the past ten years or so.
I could go on about Bob and his  communication skills, but I'll save it for a rainy day.



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