Saturday, April 27, 2013

Strand Theater Is Mortgage Free!

I'm not sure what that means, Mortgage Free.  Does that mean they don't have to pay rent?

To celebratel The Strand being Morgage Free I thought I would share some pictures I took back in 2009 when they had their grand reopening/Open House.

In my formative years I spent more hours in this building than I did at Crestview Baptist Church that  I belonged to, and I'm pretty sure I got more inspirations, guidance, morals, the difference from right and wrong,  and spiritual messages here.

As we toured The Strand that day I was hoping a very old usher would not pop out of the shadows and remind management that Larry Bradford and I was kicked out for life about 60 years ago.

Dressing Room

Looking up towards the balcony entrance 

the orchestra pit (I think)

Fancy shiny things that are in upscale theaters

The patio, over the marque looking NW at Kennesaw Mountain

The patio, over the marque looking south

Looking north down Cherokee Street

Looking East down Lawrence Street

Glover Park

Looking down at the lobby


art for arts' sake

Theater Organ jammin'

Street level, looking south

The "Colored" Entrance 

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