Thursday, April 25, 2013


The other day I received the below email.  Hear me sing I'M IN THE MONEY!, sung to the tune of I'M IN THE MONEY!

Douglas Ocha   
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Dear Sir,

Good Day,My name is Douglas Ocha, i work with a bank here in Nigeria as a Dept Manager Branch in Lagos,Nigeria. on 20th November 2004 Mr. Hariyanto Lim from Indonesia, made a numbered fixed deposit investment of US$10.5MILLION for 18 calendar months with our bank here in Nigeria and on the time of maturity i did not heard from him and we made so many effort to get him prove abortive not until when i received a news that there was a tsunami in Asia that kill thousands of Indonesia? include one of Customer Mr.Hariyanto.

Right now i am contacting you to receive the money over there in your country as his relatives or next of kin, since all my effort to locate his family with the telephone number he gave me proved nothing, if you are willing to do this deal, you should keep this deal to yourself because you don't have to disclose to anybody about this money transfer transaction until you confirm the money in your account/home to avoid anything that may jeopardize the transfer to you, because all we need is to get the document of (change of ownership account from the federal high court) on your behalf for the transfer. I need your assistance and co-operation to this reality as I have done my Home-work and fine tune the best way to create you as the beneficiary of the fund.My position as insider in the bank will be used to advance this deal.

If this interest you reply me with your information.

1. Your Full Name/Address
2 Your personal telephone number for easy communication.
3. Your Age
4. Work/occupation


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