Saturday, April 20, 2013

Suspects A and B Caused the Change of the Natural Order of Things

And I don't Like It!

Will  evil Stephano tie a pretty young maiden to the railroad tracks?
We will have to wait until Monday to see.  And
wait until Tuesday to see how she is saved.  

Suspect A and Suspect B really  got on my nerves.  If they did what they are accused of, planting exploding devices to blow up near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killing three and injuring over a hundred, then turning around and carjacked a car, then killed and injured pursuing lawmen..... grrrrr, that is really upsetting.

Plus, to top things off the soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES wasn't on because the live news coverage.   I don't watch DAYS OF OUR LIVES every day, but do like to catch in on Friday.  Usually, they leave you at the end of the week with a cliff hanger.

The network announced that  Friday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES will be shown next Monday.  To start off the week with a cliff hanger?  It just an't natural. 


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