Sunday, April 28, 2013

Varner's 2013 Reunion, Apr 27, 2013

We got to see some old friends.   That is always most important to us aging old farts.  Jackie Gaskin reminded us we might not see some of them next year.

I apologize for not identifying everyone.  That is because I don't know everybody.  I know some people but then the aging factor kicks in, and then my aging mind kicks out... it gets itself confused.

Videos are still being edited, so hold on.

Monty Calhoun, Jackie Gaskin, Paul Roper, Chuck Ayers (Elvis), and invisible forces did a great job putting it  all to together,   From my view point everybody had a great time.

Arnold Guest

Bill Dunaway

Gusest of Honor
Bill Spinks

Frank Owenby (center)

David Clotfelter (center)

David Cain

Gary Quarrels (center)

Horace Armfield & Parky Latimer

Paul Roper aka Jackie Gaskin

James & Sally Williamson Kirk

Joe Harshbarger

Kay Calhoun

Ken Chaney & Jackie Gaskin

Larry Miller

Larry Sparks, left

Lynda Hawkins

Marvin Young

Steve Tumlin

Millie Miller

Monty Calhoun & Clarence Robinson

Neal Lawrence & Parky Latimer

Parky Latimer - a rare treat

Pat McPherson & Ronnie Knighton

Patsy Spinks & Hilton Dupre

Patsy Spinks Dupre

Paul Roper & Hilton Dupre

Randy Randal Randall

Rick Kenricks

Rick Kendricks, Mark McGee, & Joe Harshbarger

Orinda Ruggles & Christain Jenikins

Sandy Ramsey


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