Monday, April 15, 2013

3 Quarters and a Cooked Goose


Our walk Saturday morning started out almost in darkness.   In the sky I heard the squawking, honking,  and quacking of Canadian Geese heading back north.  I think they keep making their identifiable sounds so everyone can keep track of each other.   I hear the geese just about every morning lately.  There were many that morning, high up, flying in the "V" formation.  I'm sure the captain or the navigator is the lead duck, but I wonder how who gets into what position to make the V.  Do they have an assigned position, or first come first serve kind of thing?

Three front yards down from ours in the of a nearby street light  I saw three little  round things in the grass.  Curiously, I picked them up.  They were three quarters.   My first thought was, "I wonder who dropped these?"

The second thought was it would be too much trouble knocking on doors at 6:30am asking did they lose some money, and tell me how much and how many coins involved before I turn it over .

 I didn't want to return them to the grass.  They may or may not be found.  I placed them in a row, on the yard's driveway.   Being in order like they were is telling the person  that will find  them  by  they were placed that way..... "and somebody may be watching to see what you are going to do."
Whoever gets the 3 quarters it is their destiny.

About 40 minutes later, returning home, in full morning day light heard the desperate honks of a lone Canadian Goose.  I looked up and there it was, flying along, squawking loudly to connect up with the ones that left him/her behind.  He sounded like he was lonely and in bewildered.  That is sad.

I think I read a lone Canadian Goose just can't fight the elements alone.  A lone one will surely perish.   Don't geese have mates for life?   If so, where was the mate?  If the mate is alone with the group will probably be shunned from their clique of geese and perish also.   Nature has a cruel streak.

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