Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Did Democrats and Republicans Put Aside Partisan Politics For a Joint Cause?

I am curious.  I heard a tale the other day and I wonder if it is true or not. 
If the tale is true it would mean the political  leaders of both parties have finally did something non-partisan.  That sounds good doesn't it?  In a non-partisan way they decided to rob the American public, for the good of the country, of course.

The tale went something like this:  A man was  on vacation in Europe.   I don't know if he brought along his family or not, it doesn't matter.   To tour Europe better he rented a Volkswagen.  He was surprised just how great mileage he got on the VW.  He hardly had to put any gas in it.

He wrote down the Volkswagen model, number, and what other important information and when back in the states he  went to a VW dealer and told them he would like to place an order for that certain kind of car.  They quickly told him that car was not available in the United Sates.   The car was banned from the United States.  The  more he investigated the more he found other makes of cars, European manufactured, were also banned for the same reason,:  They got too good gas mileage.

Here is the bottom line:  Getting better gas mileage would cause less gasoline to be bought thus less fuel tax would come into the government.  The government really depends on that gasoline    tax to run the government.  It has been going on through several administrations, both Democrat and Republican. 

John Q. Public, or Bill the Plumber, could cut a lot his living expense a lot with these new fuel efficiency cars, but it the U.S. needs his money more than he does, apparently.



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