Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday at Big Shanty's Festival

It was a weekend of festivities at Kennesaw this weekend.   Food, arts, crafts, and money changed hands.  There were lots of people there.

One of the things that made us want to hit the dirt and cover our heads a few times was about every hour or half hour they would shoot a cannon.  There was just enough time  between each BOOM!  to almost forget it then you hear the boom! again and you forget about the cannon show, but you remember Boston BOOM and want to duck.

Here are a few pictures.

There is a natural spring on the grounds of this city government complex.  I discovered that in about 1955 when I had a summer job with C&C (Cash and Carter) Construction Company.  We put down water pipes to run the city's first water.   Anyway, the subject of the spring came up during that time. 

The above 2 pictures are Wildman Dent Myers business.  

I have been told my great uncle Bud Tyson built the original building that presently houses THE GENERAL Locomotive engine.  He built it in the late 1930s as a warehouse by the railroad for shipments.

Superior Plumbing furnished at least two trailers that were actually walk-in toilets.  No more trying to keep your balance or afraid somebody turning you over.   I think that was good advertising.  

I had the jambalaya and Gumbo mix, half and half.

This is Joe Kirby of the Marietta Daily Journal.  He has written several books about Marietta for Arcadia Press.   He has book signings.  I noticed the book on his table was the book about Bell Bomber or Lockheed plant.

The below  video is the Little General Cloggers, which is apparently for all ages., doing what they do.


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