Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Car Service Waiting Room Adventure

We had our car serviced yesterday.  Next to the waiting room is a little alcove  with a counter that has a Keurig coffee machine and an impressive selection of k-Kups to choose from.  I am always on the lookout for a new flavor of "koffee"  .  I picked out one that I thought would be interesting and open the lid and put the little kup in the round slot.  Something didn't seem right.  As I was closing the lid the round thing flipped backwards and dumped the unpunched K-Kup.   A man, who looked like he might be a salesman or a manager was at a distance watching me.  I reached in the boxes with the selections and picked out another one of the same kind as last time.   I opened up the lid to place it in the little round thing and the man stepped forward and volunteered to help me, and jokingly complained that one would have to be from outer space to know how to work that thing.  This time, he put the k-kup in the round slot and shut it, press the 8 oz button.  Hot water came out.  He asked me was that tea?  I told him it was supposed to be dark roasted.   On the third try it worked.

The service representative told us it would take about 45 minutes.  I drunk coffee and we both played with our i-pads. smart phones.  During this time I noticed other people coming in the waiting area and waiting a short time and someone coming up and tell them their car was ready.   Uh-oh, I think we got lost in the cracks again, I thought.  I said I was going to check to see why people coming in after we did are leaving before us.... really, I don't know why I even planned to bother to ask, it is a common occurrence with us.  

As I was walking towards the cashier the service representative and I met  passed each other walking different directions.  She glanced at me and walked on.  If she was coming to tell us our car was ready I wasn't recognizable.  I  turned around and followed her and I was right.  She was coming to tell us to tell us our car was ready.

We paid the cashier and the service representative walked out in the work bay with us and she said, your car is outside on the other side of that wall.  We said, that gray CRV there looks a lot like our car.  I pressed my remote button and the parking lights did' not blink, so I figured it wasn't ours after all, .  Our car must be outside.  We went outs

We went outside and our car wasn't there. 

We went back in and asked the young lady who drives car in and out for service and pickup.  She asked us if the cashier gave us a key and I said no.  We went in to the cashier but before we got there, the young lady had another idea.  She went back to the car that we first thought was ours and said this is your car.  I said, but the remote button won't light up the parking lights.  She kindly told me it would not light up because our spare key was in the ignition. 

I may be invisible but I think I had them talking and comparing notes after we left.



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