Friday, April 19, 2013

Author Janice McDonald Discussed the book FOX THEATER at the Marietta History Museum

At  the Marietta Museum o f History last night Janice McDonald spoke about her book FOX THEATER that was published by Arcadia Press.

She started off by saying she has written two other Arcadia Books, one about where she used to live, Myrtle Beach and one about The Varsity.

She was easy going and gave a n interesting talk on the subject.  She knows her FOX THEATER plus  endless trivia and stories about strange forces that came into play several times to save it or renovate it.  It seems  mystic forces were guarding it.

Did you know during the renovation once the big over head lights with a shiny background were discovered to be  just  run of the mill wash tubs.  They fit in  the space needed with the metallic reflection working just right.

Joe G. Patton brought the Mighty Moe Organ back to life by replacing all the electrical components  in his spare time at no charge,.  His tireless efforts saved the Fox on more than one occasion.  For being such a hero, the Fox Foundation awarded him with an apartment at the Fox for life located just off the Egyptian Ballroom.  Foundations and owners changed hands, and the new owners took the attitude of "But what had Joe done for us lately?"   Money is the bottom line.  Free rent?  "We'll see about that!" They tried to renege on the original agreement and kick him out.  He fought them in court and won.  Although, he did have to give up his Fox keys and  has to pay for his own ticket when he attends the theater.

Janice McDonald's talk about the Fox inspired our curoisity to want to know more.  We bought the book, and the museum book store has more copies if you are curious.  It looks like it will be a good read.

Jan Galt Russell, Director, introducing:

Janice McDonald

Mrs Lawrence attends every lecture.

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