Saturday, July 09, 2011

Spaced Out

Yesterday was the take off of the Atlantis from Cape Canaveral, it is the final mission of a 30 year space program. Why? Did we see everything there is to see in Outer Space? No, we just don’t have the money. Russia will do our satellite service for us and I suppose Russian and China will keep on soaring in outer space that none of know anything about yet.

Yesterday, also, was the 64th anniversary of the Roswell, New Mexico, UFO sighting, so some people believe. I don’t know. But I bet there are some advance civilizations up there in that infinity of space, I betcha!

As sort of a review of flying saucers sightings report below is EC Comic’s WEIRD SCIENCE-FANTASY, special issue (#26) FLYING SAUCER REPORT, 1954, and reprinted by Russ Cochran Publlishing Company, which is presented as factual.

This is just a portion of the comic which devoted its whole issue to UFO’s. Hopefully, tomorrow will be more as the SUNDAY FUNNIES.

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