Thursday, July 28, 2011


In the movie THE LINCOLN LAWYER Matthew McConaughey plays a sleazy cocky rude lawyer by the name of Mickey Haller. Is that really acting?

I think THE LINCOLN LAWYER is named that because he does his wheeling and dealing in the back seat of a plush Lincoln while being chauffeured around Los Angeles.

The character Mickey Haller did a lot of quick thinking and fast talking and he wasn’t above bribing officials and conning someone for a quick buck, but basically he had some good in him. You would never know that until he discovers his client is also guilty of a murder years ago of a call girl that his client- then was serving time for. It just wasn't ethical.

The lawyer finds himself in a dilemma: should he break his oath of lawyer-client confidentiality and tell the authorities that his present client killed a prostitute that his past client is being punished for. Didn’t he take an oath to watch out for the old client’s best interests too?

If there was no conflict there would be no interesting story.

It also stars Marisa Tomei and William H. Macy which makes it even better.


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