Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birds Swooping as a Group

Have you ever seen hundreds of birds just sitting in a tree and then just suddenly take off in the air, all in some kind of formation in relation with each other. Suddenly the huge swoop in formation, make a swoop, or a loop and come back to the same tree they were perched in.

I have a few questions: The first one would be Why? They all flew out and flew back in and landed. What did they accomplish? The next question would be How? I mean, without bumping into each other in flight or know when to turn up or down or swing around the exact moment all the other birds do the same? And the last question, did each bird land in the same spot he or she was previously in?

My last question could possibly be answered if all birds had bands on their little ankles that gave off electronic message as to where they were sitting in the tree before and after.

Wait! I have another question. Where each bird sit, is it assigned according to rank…. Or, you might say “pecking order”. Parton me, I couldn’t resist that.

This scientific study would help me with my readers. I think they more or less group think like a flock of birds. They suddenly do something, like leave for a day or two, then suddenly come back.

True! They do. Today about 130 of my flock left my blog tree and I suspect they will return in a couple of days. Are they out making one huge swoop now? They did it before and the numbers were about the same.

Maybe I should put some ankle bands on them.


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