Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Choestoe Baptist Church Cemetery, Union County, Ga

I haven't had a cemetery post in years. We just spent a couple of days near Blairsville, spending most our time in the Choestoe Community. The Choestoe community is where my ancestors were pioneers in the 1830s and 40s, and some descendants are still around today.

I have no idea who Montgromery "Monty" Holt is. I just thought the marker was interesting. He must have been a trombone player.

Dora Hunter Allison Spiva outlived both her husbands, now they are all in the same plot. Dora lived 104 years and two weeks. She was a legendary school teacher.

Charlie is still living. We talked to him this past weekend.

Jack Creed Hunter is the son of William Jess Hunter and Sadie Collins. In 1982, I carried my uncle Doug Hunter to the reunion. Afterwards we met Austin Hunter Wallis at her father's house. While chatting with her and her father her brother Jack walked in. Both Doug and Jack were suprised. They were neighbors in Marietta and didn't know each other's last name.

James Hayes Hunter and Lydia Dyer

Joe Hunter and Florence Julia Jackson

I am still trying to figure out who is Johnson Hunter and Docia.

Mary Odessa Russell Hunter I am still trying to figure her connection.

William Jack and James Jasper Hunter are brothers who gave their life in war. William Jack was lost at sea. They are the sons of Willilam Jess and Sadie Collins Hunter.

Austine Hunter Wallis' parents. William Jess Hunter and Sadie Collins. At a Hunter Reunion at Track Rock Campgrounds we attended William Jess's last birthday celebration.

William Jess was in WWI

William Marian Hunter and Mary Lucinda Collins

Warren Souther and Doris Mae Hunter

Austine Hunter Wallis was an educator. She was a school principal in Athens, Georgia, where her husband was a professor. She called me and said she found the link showing we were related to her Hutners in Union County.

George was a professor at the University of Georgia. I knew that. What I didn't know he was a Marine in WWII.

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