Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Atlanta Educators Got Caught Cheating

The Atlanta School System Test Changing Answers Scandal is just terrible. I think what they did will cause repercussions for years to come.

I’m thinking of the kids that took the exam and their answers were changed. They might have got to ease by certain academia concentrations or reviews because according to the test results they did good, so no need in wasting tax payers’ money in reviewing subjects and abilities the tests shown they were great at.

I think it is greed and ego that drove the members of the Atlanta Educational elite to do such a thing. Of course, ego, it is always good to point to figures, like the bottom line average of a test paper and compare the average years ago.

“See how the students’ tests averages have increased since I took over? It is because my guidance! I am responsible for the students’ high marks! I demand a raise!”

The number game is played in all fields, not just the teaching field. Politicians redefine subjects all the time to make themselves look better. So do police chiefs – I read that a few years ago some Police Chiefs redefined murders and holdups where crime on the streets numbers didn’t seem nearly as bad as their predecessors. I think the management at the Postal Service did the same, get creative with their volume reports to get production bonuses.

Not so honorable people proved you can get around the numbers in one way or the other. Now, the numbers don’t don't mean anything at all.

But I think the Atlanta Board is looked on as the worse because kids will suffer just to make the elitist look good.

What I am really teed off at is how come they didn’t run the Cobb County School System back when I was just getting through school by the skin of my teeth.

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