Friday, July 22, 2011

Brownbagging the Revolutionary War

Yesterday we went to the Marietta Museum of History to hear Larry Guzy speak at their brownbag lunch lecture series. Larry Guzy is an enthused Revolutionary War historian.

He told us the deciding part of the Revolutionary War was fought in the south, mostly, near the eastern border of Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia. He had a few good stories about the Cow Pens Battle and the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Ray Ruggles and Larry Guzy

My ancestor William Trammell (1752-1943) who, with his brothers, also fought at Cow Pens and Kings Mountain. Once I saw a picture of a recruiting poster to get men to enlist and fight. The poster in no uncertain terms said as an award (and pay) you got to ”pillage the Tories livestock and take what you want.” I pictured a little worm of a man raising his hand and asking, “Does that include the women?”

William Trammell got his arm Sliced off during the Kings Mountain Battle. William’s great grandson, also named William Trammell (1842-1929) fought with the CSA in the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, near here, Marietta. Two William Trammells were both wounded in battle on a mountain that the first letter begins with a K.

Larry had a very good talk and even had visuals aids. He passed around several things; one was a block, which I thought was a printer’s block. It was a block of tea. It was the same type that was thrown overboard in the Boston Harbor.

The staff and the volunteers at the Marietta Museum of History are unsung heroes. They go to great effort to present historical things for our pleasure. For example, the photographs of William Tecumseh Sherman below.

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