Thursday, July 07, 2011

No Hanging Today Folks

The law of the land says that one is innocent until proven guilty. And also there is something that says the prosecutor must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the accused, or defendant, is guilty of the crime charged.

You may feel you know Casey Anthony killed her daughter but the prosecutor did not have enough hard evidence to prove beyond a shadow of doubt.

The “Beyond a Shadow of Doubt” thing was designed to protect the innocent. You don’t want innocent defendants wrongly convicted and suffer the punishment doled out.

And the lawyer’s job is to defend his client as well as he can. That is what he was sworn to do. So, you can’t blame him when he uses the “Beyond a shadow of doubt” card – which is almost a sure win-win situation – a good lawyer can apply the right pressure to brain in the right way and walla! Shadow of doubt! This case must have been a cake walk, with a habitual liar with a dysfunctional family.

No Lynching Today.

Casey Mourning

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