Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Liberty, Old, Cemetery, Union Co, Ga

This is the Old Liberty Cemetery of Union County. The New Liberty Cemetery was on this blog last week. In this area I have family ties to the Englands, Collins, Lance, Duckworths, Nixes, and Southers. The ones that are below that do not have those surenames are below because they look unique for one reason or another or maybe the markers are just shiny, and I am attracted to shiny objects, kind of like catfish.

Elizabeth Collins

Emaline Collins

Ivan Collins' CSA marker

Ivan Carr Collins

Connie Dale

Ronnie Dale

Rev Beford Duckworth & Bonnie Mae

Jimmie & Mae England

John W. and Pauline England

Mary Elizabeth England

Calvin Holbrooks

Homer Lance

Catherine Nix

John W. Nix

Roy Nix & Rosie Idell

William Rathbone

Myrtle Souther Hunter

Willard Souther

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