Sunday, December 19, 2010

Touring the New Cobb County Courthouse

Saturday we toured the new Cobb County Courhouse. It will not be officially opened for business until mid-January 2011, two or three weeks away.

The first room you see is the Jurors' Room. It is a big room. I think this will be the room you would first come to if you are a potential juror to be interviewed by the different counsels to either select you or scratch you. It was pointed out that there are all kinds of hookups for your laptop in this room, if you are a potential juror waiting.

We were lucky to be in the room when one of the officers of the building contractors was there with his family and he was pointing out a lot of things we would not be privy to otherwise.

The building is eight stories high. I think I was more fascinated looking down at downtown Marietta from hgh up as I was the inside of the buidling itself, as this video probably shows.

A couple of times looking out a window you can see Kennesaw Mountain. You can also look down on the Strand Theater and Glover Park..and look at all the church steeples!

Also, see the huge clock outside the window? I thought of Charlie Chaplain hanging on the big hand with his umbrella.

There are courtrooms all over. I'm sure there are more courtrooms than are presently needed, but might be needed in the future. Are we kind to future tax payers?

I noticed in each courtroom on the official side of the woodgate everything is state of the art designed; video monitors, computer hookups, positions of the desks and the judges bench. However, on the spectators' side are just plain wood pews and not very many - maybe ten or twelve pews to a courtroom. On high profile cases some of the press or members of a concerned family might have to sit outside if they are late.

The pictures on the wall are murdered victims. That is a reminder that justice is being served within these walls.

The last photo is a scene from my video camera riding down the escalator

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Blogger kenju said...

I like the tile floors on the main level.

6:58 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...


From the 2nd level balcony the tile looks beautiful. But if you are down walking on them you can't see them as well.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Hgh Supplements said...

I think it was more fascinated looking down at downtown Marietta from hgh up as I was the inside of the building itself, as this video probably shows. And the huge clock outside the window is beautiful.

12:48 AM  

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