Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Hunter Boys & the Mystery Bone

The above picture is William Moody (1831-1914) and his wife Sarah Louisa Sartor* (1837-1912). This week a lady that knew I am descended from the Moody family sent me the picture.

I am descended from Sarah C. Moody (1815- 1896) and her husband Robert Cabel Tyson (1821-1864). Sarah’s was the above William’s sister.

It reminded me of Father’s Day in 1999 or 2000.

On that Father’s Day Anna was in Texas to attend a memorial service for her late brother Julian. My two sons Rocky and Adam took me where I wanted to go to eat, which was Two Brothers Barbecue in Ball Ground, Georgia.

I had something else in mind also. William and Sarah Louisa Sartor are buried at the Conns Creek Church Cemetery in Ball Ground. Possibly we could find their graves, along with William’s parents, which would be another ancestor of mine.

We looked all over the cemetery and found a few markers for Moodys, but they were more recent and I did not have any information on them.

While in the cemetery we came across a bone large enough to be a human leg bone. It was dried out. I thought it could possibly be a bone washed with erosion from a collapsed grave with a rotted wooden coffin. Could be. It might be William or Sarah’s or one of their kin.

We decided we needed to call the law. We went into the town of Ball Ground which then was just a few stores. It was Sunday, it was a one-constable town – on Sundays, anyway.
We told him our story and he said he wanted us to show the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department the bone. On his radio he called the Sheriff’s department and they sent a deputy out. It seemed it took forever.

He followed us to the cemetery and we pointed out the bone to him. He said he was going to take it in to have sent to the lab. He thanked us.

And that was it. We heard nothing more. Not even a thank you.

But to be truthful, we didn't do it for the "thank you". We did it out of pure nosiness.

*look at Sarah Louisa Sartor. It looks like she is shrugging. Like, "How did I end up with him?"

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