Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chrismas at the National Cemetery & Downtown Marietta

In the last video we left you riding the escalator down to the first floor of the new Cobb County Courthouse.

We had also planned, after our courthouse tour, to drive up to the National Cemetery. I think it was a veterans’ organization that placed reefs on a lot of the markers.

With the camera still whirling we drove there, only two blocks away. It was a gloomy cloudy wet day but those reefs sort of lit things up.

Then we drove around downtown.

Interesting, in the park was a dirty man in raggedy clothes who was obviously homeless. He was sitting on a park bench with a gadget in his hand. It was either a Blackberry or a phone with a camera. He was talking to it and making faces at it and laughing.

Maybe he found a little discarded gizmo and was putting on a show for our benefit. If so, it worked.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We used to walk the Nation Cemetery Wall along Roswell Street every morning on the way to MHS, except on those rare days when someone chased us away from the wall.

Mike D

11:27 AM  

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