Sunday, December 19, 2010


This is part of the first issue of PANIC Comicbook Number 1. PANIC was a sibling of MAD Comicbook. They both shared the same artists, more or less. They all came from EC comics' bullpen of artists.

Because it is Christmas time I chose a Christmas story. Don't get too teary on me.

Also, the last page is all the EC artists and editors. Note- By the way, this was an EC tradition, each year around Christmas time an EC artist would draw all the EC people at a party and it was presented in different forms. sometimes as a card, sometimes in a EC fanclub newsletter, and sometimes in one of the comic books.

The cover was by PANIC editor Al Feldstein. The artwork was by Will Elder. Look at all of Elder's detailed art. It was like he was unleashed.

This first issue of PANIC was banned by various local governments, including Boston. Why? I think it was because Elder made a mockery of the holy one: Santa Claus. Also Jack Davis has a story that might make comicbook censors raise their eyebrows which I will get to soon.

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