Friday, December 03, 2010

My Petty Family Piictures

My mother’s maiden name was Petty. This video is mostly about her and her immediate kin.

Mama’s Petty family came to Fannin County, Georgia, in about 1840 or so, and her direct line crossed over the mountains to Murray County after the Civil War. On down the line her parents and older siblings moved to Gillette, Wyoming, and got land through a homestead act. In Gillette is where my mother was born.

They found they could hardly make a living on the prairie and moved back to Murray County, Georgia. There their biggest crop was cotton. After their father died they had a hard time making a living there too.

My mother and some of her sisters moved to Marietta to work in the hosiery mills.

Also I would like to point out the story behind the big boulder everyone posed on. There was a cave there. It was a cave with Indian relics. The Petty boys explored some of it but for safety reasons did not go back too far. The State of Georgia highway department came along and bought big rocks from farmers to pave the Cleveland Highway. William Elijah Joseph Petty so them big embedded rocks and boulders which they had to dynamite to loosen and make a size they could work with. They dynamite sealed the cave.

The above will give you an idea of the story outline of the Petty pictures here.

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