Sunday, July 25, 2010

SUNDAY FUNNIES - W. Woods Triple Feature!

Or this post could be titled, One Thing Leads to Another.

Or this post cold be titled Man! Could Wallace Wood draw women and Future Machines or what?

The first story is the cover and a story pulled out of an EC WEIRD SCIENCE comicbook illustrated by Wally Wood. Normally publisher William Gaines and editor Albert Felstein would collaborate and come up with a story. But sometimes they were not above stealing a story and redoing it. Writer Bray Bradbury caught them stealing one of his which triggered off a great professional relationship – they continue to take the stories, but gave Bradbury credit, which helped them sell comic books also. Getting back to this story, I do not know if Bradbury wrote it or not. On the cover it says in this issue is a EC adaptation of a Ray Bradbury story, but it doesn’t tell which one. Notice how Wood draw futuristic machinery and women with pointed legs. Both is sort of a signature I think.

The story is about modernization of man’s automation gadgets and how things have went too far.

The second story BLOBS is also drawn by Wallace Wood in the first issue of MAD comic book. It is also about modernization taking over the routine chores of man… which leaves man with no need to do anything but let his muscles go soft and useless. I think it is making fun of the top story. Both stories were published by EC Publishing Company. I suppose it is a little light-hearted jostling between publications. Again, notice the pointed knees and the futuristic machinery.

This last story, SALLY FORTH, is after Wally Wood had left MAD and was on his own self-publishing and writing and drawing his own stuff. With all the nude women you might say he got down and dirty. By the way, I did not copy the whole story, just what I thought were pages of examples of his work at that time. On the last page FLESH GORDON makes an cameo appearance. Wood did a FLASH GORDON lampoon for MAD with these came characters. What did I say about one thing leads to another?

As for as the knees go, who is looking at knees?

Remember - for a better look click on the picture.

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Blogger Bhob said...

The Bradbury story in that issue is "The One Who Waits", first published in The Arkham Sampler in 1949.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Thanks Bhob, I'll try to get around publishing that one soon.

2:49 PM  

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