Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Cobb County Courthouse Progress

After the 3rd of July Parade in downtown Marietta I wandered a block from the Square to see how the new Court House being constructed was shaping up. When I parked at the deck parking looking over the wall of the level I was on I could see the dark tower looming. It reminded me of some kind of video game and that was the fortress of Dr. Evil. I expected fire-burping dragons to fly away from the tower any minute.

But, I hope not.

After they cover it with bricks it will look much better. The decison makers had in mind to have it look something like the old Courthouse that was torn in the late 1960s. The OMs (Old Mariettians), including me, have complained and whined that the buildings they replaced the courthouse just don't have the personality as the older one did.

It would have probably been cheaper on the budget to just wait us out. Afterall, we are now old.

While videoing the structure up behind walked old friends Lee and Dianne Cooper Moss . Lee and I were in high school together and worked at the Big Apple Grocery Store together. Lee became a Cobb County Police Detective. And Dianne's father, Jesse Cooper and my father worked together as Marietta Policemen years ago. It is a small world.

When they walked up behind me they took me by surpise and I forgot to turn off my tiny Flip Camcorder. So you, the viewer, get a good view of my legs and shorts as we walked and talked.

I don't like to waste anything. I go by the same guildlines as pig slaughter houses goes by: "We use everything but the squeal".



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lee and I used to hang our on Friday nights after he got off at the Big Apple and I got off at Simpson's food town. Haven't seen him very much since we and two other friends got tossed out by Lloyd Cox for 30 days for going to the store for about 10 minutes. Seemed excessive at the time. Obviously, he was nursing a grudge about something. He told us there was no way we'd graduate. Several of the teachers gave me homework assignments and some even allowed me to come in to take tests. I guess if you're horribly unfair, people ignore the fact that you expelled.

Mike D

12:35 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I could tell you some stories of Lee, me, and others, but I'll have to check out the statue of limitations.

4:35 PM  

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