Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bitter Humor - This Day in History

On this date, July 24th, 1965 Bob Dylan released "Like a Rolling Stone".

It is coincidental that I listened to Bob Dylan sing “Like a Rolling Stone” on Willow’s and my walk this morning.

One of the lines brought back a quick flashback of a brief memory snippet. The line went something like, “You see a juggler clown frowning when he thought no one is looking….”.

About twenty-five years ago we took our sons to a circus in Atlanta. I remember one of the clowns was a tiny little man. In one of the clown skits a tiny little car came zig-zagging out and stopped in front of the bulk of the crowd. An unbelievable number of clowns and pets climbed out, and doing funny childish things. They were doing childish, or non-grownup, things, like yo-yoing, swinging baseball bats at butterflies, attached to the bat by a springy wire, and things like that. One clown hit the tiny little clown in the head or face. It knocked him off his feet – ooofff! The little clown said. It had to hurt. For a brief second. The other clown realized he hit him hard – and for a brief moment there were a rage and scowl in the little fellow’s eyes. Pain and a temper flare-up at the same moment. Then he realized hundred of eyes on him and his face turned into a dumb-carefree funny face and he bounced off doing his thing.

That brief moment he was very pissed off his fellow clown, the job he had, the crowd’s laughter, and probably other things only he things only he has thought about.

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