Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do More!

Marietta has a very interesting history timeline.

Marietta materialized about 1833.

The inhabitants of Marietta witnessed and could not escape the terrible harms of the Civil War. The North and South had a major battle just about two miles away on Kennesaw Mountain, and other spots in or near Marietta such as Cheatham Hill and Kolb’s Farm.

Marietta also had a role in the well known Great Locomotive Chase. James Andrews’ Raiders stole The General Train engine and it was an inspiration for books and movies for years to come.

Marietta citizens built trains at Glover Machine Works that served the war effort and also airplanes at the Bell Bomber Plant (later to be named Lockheed).

We had a dark side too. The men folk, in 1913, thought they were doing the right thing by hanging, unlawfully, Leo Frank, who was in prison for the murder of Mary Phagan.

The above and much more are on display at The Marietta Museum of History. It all has been studied, research, and analyzed by Dan Cox and his very able staff members and volunteers. It is all there waiting to educate you about your city.

Speaking of education I have been there several times when a hoard of school kids and their teachers came in. I think, if it was me, I would grab everything breakable and valuable and move them out of sight quickly. But not them. I have noticed the delighted expressions of the staff members when they heard the roar of the kids coming up the elevator. Good for them.

I think the Marietta City Council member(s) who grumbled about the museum’s expense said they thought the museum personnel were not doing enough should drag their expertise ass(es) to the museum and volunteer to show them how to do it.

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