Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Partison Politics

We voted yesterday. There were at least 6 polling officials on hand to guide us through the procedure. At the most there were only two other people voting. I hope it was a light turnout only because it was in the middle of the day. I hope the bulk of people came earlier, just as the polls opened or will be there later in the afternoon or early evening. But, it doesn’t matter there were more polling officials than they were voters. They were doing their part to make sure that we exercised our right.

Speaking of voting reminds me that we vote for politicians. Even though they claim they are not politicians they are. They can scorn the politicians all they want, saying they are not one of them. But they want to be. The ones that win, in another four years they will be the bad guys too - but then they will be saying expereince counts.

Speaking of politicians brings to mind the Democrat Party and Republican Party are always on the lookout for a member of the opposite party to blunder.; to get caught in a sex scandal, money scandal, or abusing their position. That is the best way to make themselves look good, is to make the opposing side look bad.

Which brings up This Day in History:

This Day in History, July 14, 1983, both Crane (Rep-R-Il) and Studds (Rep-D-Mas) admitted to having sex with pages

That would be a sex scandal and a abuse of power for both parties.

I bet each party called it even for that day.

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