Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ridley Information

It is nice to find out about your ancestors. On doing genealogy with every family line I have came across a brick wall that I can't seem to break through.

Sometimes more information will arrive unexpectedly. Of course, the information may or may not be true.

Tonight, while minding my own business this email came from Anonymous about my Ridley family line:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Ridley Genealogy 10 continued":

The Ridley's (horse riders) originate from the boarder country (no man's land) between England and Scotland. They were vagabonds and thieves eventually driven out and settling in Southern England, more specifically London and the West Country. The outlaw John Ridd (of Richard Doddridge Blackmore's Lorna Doone fame) is believed by some to be a corruption of the name Ridley, who were outlaws in the beautiful and wild countryside of Somerset and Devon in the 17th century. Bishop (Nicholas) Ridley was burnt at the stake with Hugh Latimer in 1555 for backing the wrong horse at the wrong time, the Church of England's independence from the Roman Catholic Church. Thank God, due to the efforts and sacrifice of Ridley and his ilk, the English eventually broke free from the strangle hold of the Catholic Church, prospered allowing the Anglo-Saxons to colonise and spread democracy, freedom and liberty throughout the world but more specifically laying the foundations of the free world in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. England's democracy, Parliament, system of government and rule of law has been copied throughout the world. Nicholas Ridley was one of the founding fathers of Singapore, a country created from nothing along with Hong Kong into one of the great trading centres of the world.

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