Friday, July 23, 2010

Chip & Dale Working on the Roads

The above cartoon is by Al Jaffee. It was published in PLAYBOY magazine. He was/is a cartoonist for MAD magazine. He also worked with Harvey Kurtzman on HELP and HUMBUG magazines. One time he had a daily cartoon in the papers NAMED TALL TALES BY JAFFEE.

There is an intersection near here that had a lot of construction work recently.

There are several helmeted men working on that corner that look as if they were cut from the same cookie cutter. Well, “working” may not be the right word. They look as if they are posing. They are probably straw-bosses. It is obvious they have a certain look they are trying to look like. They wear tight-ass jeans, shades, and body shirts. They have spiked hair. They even have their stance and body language down pat.

Are they trying to impress the babes or each other?

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