Sunday, July 11, 2010


(click on illustration to know what is going on)

Greetingss, Boils and Ghouls! Heh heh. Here is a story from an early TALES FROM THE CRYPT EC comicbook. I bet the traditionally EC-style "surprise twist- ending" will not much of a surprise - it is not hard to figure out or also it won't be a surprise if you read it before.

The story was probably hatched and nurtured by publisher William Gaines and editor Albert Feldstein. Between the two of them they collaborated on hundreds of stories at an average rate of one per day. I read that their system was that Gaines would come to work with an idea he thought of. He would sat down in Feldstien’s office and tell him about. Then they would toss ideas and details back and forth until they had a plausible entertaining surprised ending story. Then they would assign the story to an illustrator, in this case, Jack Davis. Jack also did the cover art, see above,

This type of EC comics is what got paranoid parents in an uproar which eventually led to the end of horror comics - in this land of a Free Press - for a few years.

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