Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GOBAG Summer Quarters

General George Washington had his Winter Quarters at Valley Forge. But where did he have his Summer Quarters? The beaches of New Jersey?

The GOBAG have their Summer Quarters the same place they have their Winter Quarters: In the bar at the American Legion. It's too hot out there!

In case you are wondering the opening conversation on the video is about Perry Parham who was killed on a bicycle back in the early 50s. He was an outstanding Little League baseball player and a friend to us all. It was the first death of a friend that most of experienced. It was a terrible learning lesson, that young boys can die too. The Marietta Little League Field is named Perry Parham Little League Field in his memory.

One of our friends there has certain eccentricities about him that sometimes people wonder about him – People sometimes wonder just how drunk is he? He is a sipper. He is always like that, socially. However, one of us ran into him and his wife at Publix Grocery Store and he was a in his quiet reserved mode.

It was funny when the waitress refused to take an order for beer from him. She said he appeared intoxicated and by Georgia law she could not serve someone that appeared intoxicated.

The interesting part is that she did not talk to him but to a friend across the table from him. It was like she was talking as if he wasn’t there. And the person that was being talked about and accused of being intoxicated said nothing in his defense.

People are strange, except thee and thou. (a quote).

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Anonymous G said...

Enjoyed the video on the good ol' Georgia boys. Who's the guy with the white beard?

Eddie, off topic -- you didn't mention the date for the laser surgery. I'm sure all will go well. I know anything with the "eyes" is unnerving!

9:07 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

G, You are right. Anything with "eyes" in it is ununerving. Everytime at a meeting I hear the words, "The "eys" have it." I run for the door. Seriously, the operation was Monday. Everything went smooth, although I still can't play the piano.
The guy with the beard is Homer Muse.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous G said...

What a relief for you! Laser surgery is so routine these days. I was going to email you, but got lazy.

Still on health issues, did you know Diane Hobbs Barfield is very ill? I don't know the nature of her illness.

8:04 AM  

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