Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jewel of Cohutta

On this date in history, July the 29th, 1928, Walt Disney’s STEAMBOAT WILLIE, an animated cartoon, was released.

That date is according to the “Any Day In History” website, was released. However, Wikipedia said it was released November 18, 1928. Take your pick.

Steamboat Willy starred Mickey Mouse as a happy whistling steamboat pilot. Do you know who the voice was for Mickey Mouse? That’s right! Walt Disney.

Old happy whistling “whistle while you work” Walt was known for firing employees on the spot if they rubbed him wrong.

Speaking of ruthless employers (You're Fired!), Donald Trump, on this date, 1991, gave Marla Maples a 7+ carat engagement ring.

I wonder what Marla did with that 7+ carat diamond ring. I doubt if she gave it back to Donald. Would you?

I have read more than once that Marla Maples is from Dalton, Georgia. WRONG! Marla is from Cohutta, a small town near Dalton.

My mother grew up in and around Cohutta. In the late 40s my sister and I spent a week with our grandmother in Cohutta. Across the street was a big pasture with railroad tracks going across it. At the end of the pasture facing another road was a big white house. That is where the Maples lived. My grandmother and my aunt rented the house they lived in from the Maples, which were Marla’s grandparents.

Actually, Marla has not had the pleasure of meeting me yet. She was born in 1963, which is fifteen or sixteen years after I spent the week in Cohutta.

Now you know my family connections to Marla Maples – well, I think we are practically family; one big loving family. With my smooth talking and charming ways what do you think my chances are getting my hands on that ring?

Below is a picture of my favorite loving family friend (sort of). (I hope she doesn't lose that ring in the sand, standing upside down like that).

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Anonymous G said...

"She was born in 1963, which is fifteen or sixteen years after I spent the week in Cohutta."

I caught that *lol

8:11 AM  

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