Sunday, January 31, 2010

We Were Held Captive 15 ft Above 6 ft Under!

About noon today we carried our son Adam to the Hartsfield – Jackson Airport south of Atlanta. On our way back to Marietta we planned to eat somewhere interesting on the other side of the River – out of our comfort zone.

Six Feet Under met the criteria and was on our list to visit soon. We have read several write-ups about the restaurant and it is always making the news. This past week they were on the news about their simplistic menu designed more for the customer’s need rather than to get them to spend more money. Our son Rocky and daughter-in-law Sabrina have eaten there often and said only good things about the eatery.

Six Feet Under is appropriately named, as it is on Memorial Drive just across the street from historical Oakland Cemetery.
Six Feet is a pub and fish house. I ordered seafood stew and Anna ordered shrimp and grits. We tried each other and I liked both bowls. Anna thought both were a bit too spicy for her.

Picture from our table looking out.


A bit of Atlanta and Civil War history: About where Six Feet Under is standing is very near the spot James Andrew of Andrews’ Raiders (GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE) was hung during the Civil War.

Anna wrote the below description to a friend and niece. Why should I do the work that has already been done? Here it is again, copied and pasted.
A funny story: Today we took Adam to the airport for a work related trip and on the way back we went to a restaurant near Oakland Cemetery for lunch. The name is Six Feet Under (since it's across from the cemetery.) We’d heard they have a rooftop balcony with a great view, so decided to ask if we could go up and see. Our server said it should be open but was cold up there. We went up and the view was indeed sensational! When we got ready to leave, the door was locked! Thank God for cell phones. I called Rocky, who called the restaurant to say his parents were locked on their roof top. Someone came and let us out. It was kinda fun escapade, but we were glad to get back down on ground level. It takes so little to amuse us old folk.

Pictures from the roof top. You can see the skyline of Atlanta. General Hood, CSA, was known to sit on his horse on a hill in Oakland Cemetery - or what would be in due time Oakland, and watch the Battle of Atlanta - otherwise known as The Burning of Atlanta.

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Blogger kenju said...

I think the views were probably worth it! You were very lucky you had your cell phone!

4:37 PM  
Blogger NellJean said...

Loved the pics of historic Oakland. I was about to type out my story of how old Ted got buried in his sister-in-law's plot there, when I remembered it was Westview, not Oakland, so never mind.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Yep, I take back all the cussing I have said about cell phones.

Well, use Westview and continue.

8:15 PM  

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