Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sick & Dreaming

Have you ever noticed that when you are sick your dreams become more creative? I have noticed this several times. I think it has something to do with one’s stomach doing flip-flops and somehow the brain is getting some confused messages from that area and, well then… I don’t know.

I am currently sick, but better than I was yesterday, thank you. My dream this morning:

My old employer, the Atlanta Post Office called me and ordered me to come back to work in the Time Keeper/Data Collection Site. The person that called said all the people there called in* and everybody that had worked there, except me, died.

I drove throw the snow, ice, and wreck cars, just like before, to the old Federal Annex Building on Forsyth and Spring Streets.

The exterior of the building was the same but the inside was completely remodeled to suit the needs of the present operations. The old wooden floors have been removed and in place were metal grid floors that you could see below or above you 3 to 4 levels.

On each metallic level were huge letter sorting machines, mostly scanning machines that instantly read addresses and sort them appropriately. There was very little need of human input. When I worked there before I think there were about 2000 people around the clock that worked in the building. In my dream, there were less than a hundred.

I had a learning curve to absorb… time keeping methods has changed so much since I was there, they could have just pulled a homeless person off the street and have as much as current experience as I had.

One interesting thing is that no one was still around that was there when I worked there. They had long retired. But one young man looked a lot like a guy I worked with named Charles W. was pushing a tram of mail and I asked him was he related to Charles W. and he said no, but an old man used to live down the street from him named Charles W. that some people claimed they looked alike. He said Charles died about ten years ago.

I remembered at the Post Office Charles was a ladies’ man; a womanizer. I smiled to myself, it seemed that Charles kept his goodwill going in the neighborhood too.

*I think this my brain was referencing a time that I and two other time keepers came in during an ice storm in the late ‘70s and for three days three of us around the clock had to a job of 35 + people. We did it and our division manager got a quality step increase, which increased his retirement about a $100 a month. By the way, he did not come in during that bad weather time.

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