Saturday, January 30, 2010


If you will recall, back weeks ago when I showing things in MAD #9 I mentioned that I thought the Beatnik Pop Jokes section was the last time John Severin illustrated for MAD.

Here in MAD #10 you can plainly see John Severin illustrated this story, SANE, a take-off on SHANE starring Alan Ladd.

You might laugh and say, well, you are wrong again!

No no no. When I threw in the two words "I think" it makes everything in that statement not wrong, because, it is true, that is what I thought. As long as I throw in "I think" or "I believe" I can make any kind of rash false statements I want and claim what I said is true.

How is that for side-stepping?

After the SANE story is a little one page story then the letter page of MAD #10.

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