Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Sunday night we watched the Golden Globe Awards. Before that, I watched AFT, or American’s Funniest Videos.

During the Golden Globe Awards I was thinking of all the different awards for entertainment. There are, as I said the Golden Glove Awards, the Oscars, the Emmys, awards for daytime TV, the Harvey Award for best comicbooks, best blog awards*, sports awards, and even porno star awards.

I was thinking of one venue that has been overlooked: The most dangerous or stupidest action shots on American’s funniest Videos.

Some of those video clips where some old lady tries roller skating for the first time, or maybe trying her great grandson’s skateboard and she goes rolling uncontrolled into a pile of garbage cans – which could have broken her brittle bones -… she should have received the stupidest and the most dangerous award. And last Sunday night an old man with big male boobs was trying to squeeze himself into a skin divers wet suit and each time before he got it completely zipped up one of his boobs popped out. Again and again. Booby award?

And I noticed several dangerous falls or crashes that surely caused serious injury and the person behind the camera was cackling herself/himself hysterically silly. Such gratitude for such great shots should not go unrewarded.

In my opinion, one line-up of entertainment awards has been overlooked: American’s Funniest Videos.

*you dear reader, might wonder why I haven’t received a Best Blog Award. The word “best” disqualifies me every time. If they ever have an award for “worse” or the poorest grammar, then, you might see my name at least nominated.

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